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ASU and USF investigators collaborate to explain where DNA repairs occur most frequently

Julia recognized

Julia was recognized  with the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award for her excellence in her coursework. Congratulations!

Nick Sisco, graduate student awarded Graduate Excellence Fellowship

Nick was awarded the ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Graduate Excellence Fellowship for First Generation Students, in May 2016. This award recognizes students who are achieving high standards of excellence within their disciplines while also being pioneers with respect to higher education goals within their families

Congrats to Hoang: Arizona Society for Coatings Technology Scholar

Congratulations to Hoang, who was awarded the Arizona Society for Coatings Technology Scholarship in April 2017.

Congratulations Mayram and Mac

Mac and Maryam are were both accepted to summer research programs. Maryam will spend the summer in New York at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Clinical Research Training Program. Mac will be in North Carolina participating in the Biophysical Society 2015 Summer Research Program in Biophysics that is hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Congratulations Cole

Undergraduate Cole Helsell recieve an honorable mention for his poster presentaion in the Cellular and Molecular Biology section at the recent AAAS meeting. His poster was on TRPM8 modeling which formed the basis of the Barrett Honors College Thesis. His achievement was noted in the journal Science on page 140 of the April 3, 2015 issue.

Congratulations: Cole and Maryam

Undergraduate researchers, Cole and Maraym were awarded undergraduate travel and registration grants to present a poster at the upcomming AAAS meeting in San Jose, CA. These awards stem from the Barrett, the Honors College and the ASU Center for Biology and Society. They were 2 of 15 total students who recieved this award. Congrats Cole and Maryam.

Van Horn lab Postdoctoral Researcher Opening: Synthetic Structural Biology

Postdoctoral Position Available:   NMR of artificial nucleic acids

The Van Horn lab at The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University has an opening for a postdoctoral fellow to conduct studies on the structure and dynamics the artificial nucleic acid, threose nucleic acid (TNA).

Minjoo recieves departmental teaching award

During the spring departemental awards ceremony graduate student Minjoo Kim recieved an award for excellence in teaching.

Congrats Minjoo!

Welcome to the Van Horn Lab Website

The Van Horn lab employs biochemical, biophysical, and structural investigations of membrane proteins involved in health and disease. We are located in sunny Tempe, Arizona at the Arizona State University campus and are affiliated with the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, the Center for Personalized Diagnostics, and the Magnetic Resonance Research Center.  

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